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Gome restart, 33

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[0} Zhongxin Jingwei client, August 3 - Gome, 33, pressed the \ Just before July, Gome's strategic adjustment continued. First, the online \ People question whether Gome's ability to live with goods can withstand the test? The veteran retailer once again used the harvest to correct his name: the first show of the national tour with goods live broadcast in Shanghai station, with a turnover of 416 million yuan when he was a child. On the evening of July 31, the second station of super live broadcast, dark Longjiang, sold nearly 325 million yuan through all channels, continuing the outstanding achievements of super live broadcasting.

At the same time, Gome has also forged an alliance with Jingdong and pinduoduo by virtue of the \ The planting signs confirm that the former king of home appliance retail seems to be speeding up the \ First, live broadcast with goods into Gome's new Changji

At 20:00 on July 31, at the second stop of \ Wuchang rice, northeast sauerkraut, niandoubao, gevas Gome retail is able to give full play to the advantages of the supply and answer chain. It not only selects the famous and special products of dark Longjiang Province, but also brings popular 3C home appliances such as Hisense TV and Huawei P30 pro, which are highly cost-effective.

According to public information, Gome's \

in its original form, the top ten time color platforms since 2020. In the face of the sudden epidemic, offline retail channels are blocked, and Gome has invested a lot of energy to carry goods live broadcast. This is not only a logical change in the supply chain, but also an imperative for the rapid recovery of operation.

According to media reports, on February 28, Gome's retail sales volume exceeded 100 million on February 28; in late March, the general manager of Dalian branch took five traders to interact with customers online and sold more than 10 million goods in their third childhood.

Gome, with experience, perfect digital technology and abundant retail resources, soon realized that live broadcasting with goods was evolving into a brand-new marketing revolution, and started its super live show.

During the May 1 period,

and CCTV news jointly invited CCTV Boys live broadcast. Kang Hui, Sa Beining, Zhu Guang Quan and Niger bought four hosts, 3 live. When they were young, they attracted over 23 million 580 thousand people tiktok, the first time in the real-time live voice list, and the sale amount was 528 million 600 thousand yuan.

With the addition of the four super live broadcasts of \ The benefits of

live broadcasting with goods for Gome are obvious.

Gome's \ At the same time, with the endorsement of Gome and CCTV, it eliminated the chronic diseases such as the lack of quality assurance of live broadcast products with goods, the guarantee of after-sales service in foreign countries, and the promotion of Zixu, thus attracting a large number of users to make careful efforts to improve the flow realization.

it can be said that for Gome, which is trying to revive its retail sector, \ (2) reshape the store value as the

of online and offline stores Today, Gome is no longer a traditional retailer.

now, Gome has realized 3-5 km grid operation through more than 2600 stores, and has built a front-end warehouse shopping post station covering the national community. Through the establishment of the store community, Gome can directly reach more than 76 million users.

As we all know, Gome has been constantly promoting its digital strategy in recent years, aiming to achieve online and offline integration. In July this year, Gome app launched the \ The real significance of Gome's move is to make more than 2600 stores become the central node of Gome's retail \ The significance of GOME stores is that in addition to the traditional inventory, logistics, preparation and other retail infrastructure capacity tables, GOME stores will become a gathering place of community traffic and low-cost offline volume, and will gradually transform into the flow import and sales service export window of Gome in the future.

In essence, the Internet is not rigid about this value integration model. For example, Alibaba's HEMA Xiansheng and Yonghui's \

one day, GOME stores will not only be the scene for Gome to reach consumers and understand consumers, but also become the fulcrum to leverage the \

data shows that after Gome app \ Another point worth careful is that Gome plans to seize the last kilometer of distribution, break into the real-time retail market and seize the opportunity of development.

Gome has always had a clear upper hand in medium and large cargo logistics services. In 2019, Gome selected logistics services for youmi, Rongsheng and Meiling, accounting for 32%.

In July this year, Gome officially announced that it would march around the real-time logistics distribution. Gome's stores are no longer just the fulcrum of service, but also the front-end warehouse of small and medium-sized logistics. As a result, Gome's \ According to Gome's official, the \ The

real-time distribution market is really a value hollow worth deep ploughing.

According to the outlook of \ Under the lure of

100 billion market, the competition around Instant distribution will certainly become stronger in the future. Gome has been a logistics veteran, with its years of accumulated experience and supporting service capabilities, has gone out of a competitive road.

Third, alliance with pinduoduo and Jingdong, the king of home appliance retailing will return soon Especially in the home appliance market, the former king of home appliance retail is coming back quickly.

In essence, Gome has always been actively seeking change because it wants to upgrade its market share and return to the first echelon. In order to revitalize the home appliance retail sector, Gome has chosen to embrace the first show, relying on its consumption of big data, platform traffic and other superior digital retail resources to feed its own ecology.

Gome joined hands with Duoduo and Jingdong. This business is also a mutually beneficial business.

the depth and thickness of the supply and answer chain built by Gome for more than 30 years can make up for the shortcomings of the supply and answer chain, logistics and after-sales service. As early as 2018, Gome settled in pinduoduo, winning the sales champion among multiple home appliance digital products such as microwave oven, washing machine, TV and so on. It has become one of the shops with the fastest new products on the shelves and the highest sales growth rate on pinduoduo.

In April and may this year, pinduoduo and Jingdong Yilian invested in Gome by means of subscribing convertible bonds, complementing online flow, offline supply and answer chain and logistics. Gome received a $300 million blood transfusion through the matching of the two pieces, and its share price rose sharply.

Subsequently, pinduoduo and Gome announced that they had reached a comprehensive strategic match. The retail products of Gome will be put on the shelves and pinduoduo will be connected to pinduoduo's \ At the same time, the binding between Gome and Jingdong has also become deeper and deeper. Recently, Jingdong's self operated department stores were the first to be put on Gome app. At present, nearly 20000 SKUs have been put on the shelves, and more categories will be put on the shelves in the future, and Jingdong will select logistics and after-sales services. Jingdong borrowed traffic from GOME, which has expanded the high-frequency department stores and promoted the user stickiness.

For Gome, the biggest strategic significance of

alliance with pinduoduo and Jingdong is to seize the missing cake. More importantly, the move has become Gome's \ It will take time to show whether this series of self innovation can lead Gome to reverse the trend, but Gome has found its exact position in the fierce battle of retail e-commerce. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

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